Online Reputation Management

online reputation management (ORM)

Digital Mahesh - ORMin google search “Complaint against godrej chicken” in your SERP you see lot of website showing “no complaint”, “zero complaint”. all this url is created in wordpress blog.

if you cannot satisfied with the service or product of any company you can make complaint, comment, review about that product or service.

e.g. if i want to take a delership or frenchies of a particular company and if i found negative or wrong testimonials, comment, review against that product or service or company, then i can not invest my money in that deal. and company also must not loss his customer.

sometime rival company or competitor make complaints against you. to remove this negative complaint from SERP make a wordpress 20/25 blog. show the features, advantages, useability of the product or service in your blog.

with in few days (minimum 7 days) original complaints move down or forward to next SERP result page for a particular Keyphrase “complaint against godrej chicken”.

one thing is that there is no compition for this particular keyword “complaint against godrej chicken” this is the easy way to maintain our online reputation.
while creating blog in point of SEO specify your main keyword.

you can make or check complaint in or

do not create blog in your domain name. create blog on ORM Point of View. your complaint cannot be removed, it is shifted to next SERP result page. by making right seo techniques you can change the rank of the complaint.

Rated No. 1 by Govt. of India, Godrej Chicken is the leading Distributor of Chicken Supplier in India.
use to pin the blog.

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